YSF simplex QSOs yesterday and what YSF is

KH6CP Craig Paul

If you're not interested in digital voice on FM, delete this message now.

A few of us on Oahu had QSOs yesterday. We enjoyed digital's clarity and superior reach, compared to other digital modes.

The frequency was 145.5625 MHz. 

We press a single button to "go digital" and start the QSO.

It's really not hard to use. A fusion of analog and digital, just push a button once and leave it, and the radio will automatically select analog or digital depending upon what it "hears".

That's AMS - Automatic Mode Selection.

FM and digital automatically selected you say? Yes, the radios are programmed as though they are analog. If you want to enforce only digital as the originator of the QSO just push the button again to select narrow band (DN - digital narrow, the default),

or press again for wide band (VW - voice only wideband,higher fidelity, not Volkswagen!). The radios in AMS mode will automatically configure.

Want to share the frequency in digital mode? It's exactly like DCS 

in analog mode, where you set a code number to transmit.

The System Fusion equivalent to DCS is the

DG-ID - Digital Group IDentifier.

(Contrast this to DMR talk groups - you can't even hear what the other talk group is saying. Doesn't this violate amateur radio regulations?)

Repeater use is exactly the same as analog.

It's programmed into your radio exactly the same as an analog repeater split.

If an analog repeater has no tone access (KH6AZ on Oahu) then different conversations can use different DCS codes.

Hence multiple people can have separate conversations with those they choose.

Everyone can hear, but not transmit and be heard by those using the same privately shared DCS code.

Again, it's exactly the same with the DG-ID in the digital mode of System Fusion.

DG-IDs can be used to control repeater control access or link to other networked repeaters.

Rooms are the YSF equivalent of DMR networked talk groups,

whether they be Brandmeister, DMR+, etc.

Want to find out what networked talk groups there are in

YSF? If the repeater you're using is registered with Yaesu

to participate in the "rooms" around the world all you

have to do on your radio is hit the "Wires-X" button.

The repeater will download what rooms are available into your rig. You select a room and connect to it.

There are YouTube tutorials about YSF, if you're interested.

You could start by viewing reviews of radios (FTM-100dr, FTM-400xdr, FTM-3200dr)

or look at Yaesu's Education Series.

"An overview of Yaesu System Fusion II"

but that's nearly an hour and 5 minutes!