Workshop on setting up Wnlink Express for use on VhF/UHF

KH6FHI Joe Tabrah

Dear EARC Member,
Joe Seproni, AH0A, our ARRL section manager, asked me to post the following announcement on his behalf:

EARC/ARES is planning a workshop to help Amateurs with interest in setting up their portable Windows computers and VHF transceivers to operate the Winlink Express email program, and other digital modes.

The workshop will physically connect your computer to your VHF transceiver, installing Winlink Express and making VHF gateway and peer-to-peer contacts.  Participants must bring their equipment to the workshop.

The software training will include using some of the Winlink  features – sending and receiving email via VHF RF connections, message templates, GPS position reporting, ICS-309 logs, images editing, attachments and communication sessions for VHF packet and Internet.  Time permitting both Packet and VARA software modems will be installed and tested.

Cost of the three-hour workshop and interconnect materials may be as much as $30 per attendee, to be paid at the door. Alternatively, there may be options to use materials procured by the participant that will lower costs.

Attendance is limited and  subject to confirmation equipment is compatible with suggested cabling choices. The number of students is limited.  Register early!

If you are interested, please email me at ah0a@.... Include the (1) PC model, (2) the version of Windows, (3) your transceiver model and (4) cables you believe are correct for digital modes -- ; information required for us to recommend preordering components.  Once the computer and transceiver models are known we will recommend cabling for your equipment and a method to purchase them.

The workshop is organized around use of the Easy Digi interface board, which can be assembled in the first 30 minutes of the workshop.  Software set up and verification of other devices will be supported, for example, Signalink.  Please let us know what (5) interconnection interface, other than the workshop recommended Easy Digi board you want to use for software setup.

The workshop will be held from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm on Saturday March 16th at the Manoa Public Library.

2716 Woodlawn Dr, Honolulu -

If there is a lot of interest additional workshops may be scheduled later.


Jim Pilgram, NH6HI

Joe Tabrah, KH6FHI

Gus Mac Feeley, NH7J