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KH6OWL Darren Holbrook

I would like to make the recommendation that if you have a NET Announcement, other than weather, it should be at the beginning of the net and not after everyone has checked in and left the net.


N1VA Richard Scaglion

But some announcements prompt questions or discussion more appropriate for a roundtable. Announcements interrupt the check-in process, and I’ve sometimes found myself wishing that they would all be held until the end of the net, prompting more interaction.

73 de Rich, N1VA

WH6LOL Blaine Fergerstrom

Aloha Stacy,

I ran the net last night. The call for announcements and Round Table actually comes early in the net.

First up is Mobile and Short of Time.
Second is Announcements and Round Table

Generally, if someone calls for an announcement, I will let them go on the spot, if they wish. Or they may defer to Round Table.

Last night, first call was for a weather report, and they deferred to Round Table.

Second call was also for a weather report, and they, too, deferred to Round Table.

Third call was for an announcement (by you), and to the best of my recollection, you, too, deferred to Round Table. (I could be wrong, but that's my recollection. When logging check-ins, it takes a ton of concentration, intense listening, and intense scribbling for this kupuna.)

Then after the 146.980 repeater check-ins, RC came in with a call for an announcement.

So when I cleared the repeater check-ins, I then go to the Round Table, and address each RT/Announcement in the order received.

That's how it went down. Sorry if you felt that your announcement of the upcoming testing was somehow neglected. I thought it was interesting and terrific, so much so, that I reiterated the website url for any who may have missed it.

Aloha and 73,

Blaine Fergerstrom
(808) 497-9463
Make trouble, have fun, do good stuffs!

AH6T Joe Tabrah

Thank you for your opinion.  We do ask for announcements as the second order of business on the EARC nets.  In my opinion, weather advisories and/or warnings are definitely appropriate as announcements. General weather reports of normal conditions should be given on the round table.  My criteria for this is that many net participants are either mobile or want to spend time with families.  These participants are interested in simply checking in to make sure equipment is working, but do not want to spend a full half-hour on the net.

I leave it to the NCS to make the determination of what is appropriate for announcements or the round-table, hoping the above criteria will guide them.  

On Thu, Apr 21, 2022 at 7:58 PM KH6OWL Darren Holbrook <handymanowl@...> wrote:
I would like to make the recommendation that if you have a NET Announcement, other than weather, it should be at the beginning of the net and not after everyone has checked in and left the net.


KH6OWL Darren Holbrook

I don't feel it was neglect but only had an observation to make the net better. Simply making the suggestion that if announcements are not made at the beginning of the net then they may not be heard by everyone.  Rarely are there announcements anyway other than weather which is usually held during the round table. The other suggestion would be to give weather for next 24 hours, as it doesn't know much good, IMO, to hear the weather we just had.

KH6OWL Darren Holbrook

Rich, if announcements prompt questions then those questions could be answered at the round table. Rarely is there an announcement anyway.

N1VA Richard Scaglion

I think it’s great to have this discussion, so thanks for bringing it up. And thanks to everyone for the net itself, especially the net control operators. The net is much better run here than most other places I’ve been. But we all want to make it better.

However, there’s another side to giving an announcement early. Usually, I try to listen to the whole net instead of just checking in and running off. Since I patiently wait my turn to check in on the appropriate repeater, I am usually checking in later on. So if I’m short of time, I “cheat” on the front end, only half-listening to the beginning of the net. Or sometimes I’m busy and I have to tune in late. I don’t think I’m alone on this, judging from the late check-ins that often come in at the end or sometimes even after net control has closed the net.

My point is that, for everyone who checks in early and then leaves the net before they’d hear a later announcement, there maybe someone who is checking in later and might miss an earlier announcement.

Also, I always have pencil and paper at hand during the roundtable, since I expect to possibly want to write something down. This isn’t always the case during the earlier part of the net.

I suppose the “best” practice would be to use discretion, keeping short announcements at the beginning, but saving longer or more involved ones for later, to try to accommodate to everyone’s schedules.

Rich N1VA


Aloha Stacey KH6OWL,
I’m currently the longest standing net controller for the EARC Nightly Net, even before we were asked to submit monthly reports to the ARRL. I’m going to merge two points together here at the same time.
As you know, we have Joe AH6T, as our net manager, who must wear many hats throughout the year and he’s very good at it too. I am very grateful for what he does. I do also wear many hats, which I don’t mind doing, which is usually around Hurricane season. We both do Skywarn duties, both as net controllers, him on HF and I, on the local repeaters but even more so for Joe AH6T, HF requiring more skill, more knowledge and more equipment.
I think it was about 2-3 years ago, ARRL wanted all of us net controllers to submit reports to justify us needing to use the 2 meter and the 440 bands, I like many of us, if this is what the ARRL wants, I had no problem volunteering some of my time to do that.
So Joe AH6T, as net manager, provides a report to all of us members during our monthly EARC Club meetings and Joe AH6T also keeps very good track of our year to year progress, ie; number of check ins, how many minutes each month and so on.
The goal being to increase the amount of participation during our nightly nets each month inorder to increase those numbers. The more use we can report each month, the more we can justify using these bands instead of them being sold off and/or given away to our military or what ever other governmental agency that feels that wants it, like the Food and Drug Administration , for example.
When I do my Monday night EARC Net, I take my time accepting check ins so that everyone gets a fair opportunity to check in, especially our blind and/or disabled Ham operators. I also stretch out my nets by over identifying my station, stating the time, required identification of my station(WH6DWF) and I go to each repeater individually, which is not illegal but it does make my nets 10-20% longer than everyone else‘s nets and that is my goal in order to allow us to keep these bands and to justify it’s use for all of us radio amateurs.
We’ve always called for anyone with announcements but virtually no one was taking advantage of it and I wanted to generate more net participation. So one Monday night a few months ago, during my weekly net, I encouraged everyone to check in with weather reports, HF reports, traffic reports, solar reports and etc., in order to lengthen our nightly nets. The opportunity has always been there but several hams took me up on it and Joe AH6T only asked us to save the WX reports for the Roundtable portion of the net, which was very smart because now, everyone want to join into the Roundtable portion of the net and not just for weather reports, which has spiced up our nets.
We were just paid a wonderful compliment just last night right after the net by a visiting Ham from Arizona, Mike N5AQM, who stated in his own words, “This is the best net I’ve ever participated in!”
That means a lot to me and it should for all of us here on Oahu and neighboring islands.
To address your weather report concerns, since the state of Hawaii has a yearly hurricane season and Hawaii has 26+ micro climates, it just makes sense for us to have different weather reports for all four corners of Oahu. Plus we don’t want to discourage our local Hams from providing weather reports, they can become very helpful during bad tropical storms and especially during an active hurricane event and/or hurricane season.
No offense, Stacey, but even being the net controller for the NWS Skywarn Program, not even I can predict the weather for the next 24-48 hours without the help from the National Weather Service.
All that is really wise for us to do is to report the current weather conditions for each of our areas of the island. Some of us were taught EmComm communications from Kevin Bogan AH6QO, who drilled it into our heads to never speculate on the weather, to minimize our personal opinions when it comes to weather, hurricanes and tsunamis, stick to the facts, which can be hard to do sometimes.
The goals of our nets still hasn’t changed, just modified to encourage more participation from all of us license Amateur radio operators and hopefully make us all more proficient while still justifying our need to keep and retain the bands we were granted long ago.
I want to thank you, Stacey, for giving me this opportunity to explain these points, not just to you but to everyone that reads these club messages.
Our nets were really getting pretty stale with everyone checking in with, “No Traffic!” and now our nets is something everyone is looking forward to and I would go as far as saying that some feel naked without checking into our nets now.
In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone, every license Ham for checking in and participating, that we are not the only one’s that listens to our nightly nets, apparently we have a few Federal Agencies that listen to our nets because we operate with truth, honesty and most of all, in real time. Right Jared, Ben and Robert, lol, thank you also.

73’ and Aloha,

Todd Wilson WH6DWF

EARC Club and Skywarn Net Control

Member of the ARRL A-1 Ops Club

Semper Fi 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸