Pacific Division Members Meeting

KH6WG Skawamae Kawamae

Resending with time

Your presence is cordially requested on November 8th at the Fleet Reserve Association, Branch 46 (potluck) 7p - 9p.


The meeting will give members an opportunity to be briefed by Jim Tiemstra (K6JAT), the Director of the Pacific Division.  Jim is on the League’s Executive Committee and is the Chairman of the ARRL Legislative Advocacy Committee, reporting to the ARRL Board of Directors. 


The meeting will discuss matters of importance to Hawaii membership in the Division including:


a.     Amateur Radio Emergency Preparedness Act,

b.     The ARES program enhancements and EmComm;

c.      ARRL Baud Rate FCC petition,

d.     The Volunteer Monitors program, and

e.     Other matters of significance to the membership


Looking forward to your attendance at what we hope will be an informative and constructive meeting. 




                                                Steve Kawamae, KH6WG

                                                President,  EARC