New Brandmeister DMR

KH6WG Skawamae Kawamae

Aloha all,
Thanks so much for your patience.  The EARC continues to expand coverage of DMR as a discreet network for backup communications.  This does not mean it is specifically for backup to the analog network(s) already in place.  The Brandmeister DMR network is available for anyone to use.  You do have to program a DMR TDMA transceiver to use.  The new repeater is in Whitmore Village.  Much thanks to Gus, NH7J for the new home and antenna system.  The location should serve the majority of the Oahu central plain from Halawa to Haleiwa and hopefully beyond.  Repeater info:

TX: 443.2500 MHz
RX: 448.2500 MHz
cc: 6

TS1: 3115 - Hawaii Statewide
TS2: PTT - user accessible (whatever Talk Group you wish to key up)

Aloha & 73
de KH6WG