Ham Radio Hawaii No Power Contest

KH6OWL Darren Holbrook

Since we don't have any events planed for July that I am aware of, I have put this together.

Purpose: The purpose of this contest is to get on the air, check your equipment, make contacts and have fun. Contact as many amateur radio operators as possible in the allotted time period with as many modes as you can. Ensure you are ready for power outages and Hurricane season.


No Commercial power can be used. You can contact someone that is using commercial power but you cannot use it for your contact. (This is an honor system contest, you can participate with commercial power to help others out but you would not be able to submit a log or get a certificate. Please do not spot for others if you have commercial power).


Once you make a contact with someone you can coordinate with that operator to go to another frequency and work them on all modes and receive points for each mode.


Date / Time of Event: The first annual No Power Contest will be held on 21 July 2019 from 1300 to 1700 Hours (1PM to 5 PM)


1.    Approved Power Sources:

a.     Vehicle Power

b.     Solar Power

c.      Battery Power

d.     Wind Power


2.    Approved Contact Modes:

a.     UHF

b.     VHF

c.      CW

d.     APRS

e.     SSTV

f.      WINLINK

g.     HF

h.     Repeaters

i.       Simplex

(Currently DMR or other Digital Modes cannot be used for awarded points)


3.     Points awarded based on Contact Mode Used

                  MODE                                                             Points

a.     UHF  Repeater                                                     1         

b.     VHF Repeater                                                      1

c.      Simplex –UHF or VHF                                        2

d.     CW                                                                       3

e.     APRS                                                                     4

f.      SSTV                                                                     5

g.     WINLINK                                                              6

h.     HF                                                                         7

i.       Satellite                                                                8


4.     Off Island Contact: If you contact someone on an island different than the one you are located on, you get 5 bonus points, plus the points for the type of mode you used. Example: If you are on Oahu and contact someone on Maui using Simplex, you get 5 points for the off Island contact and 2 points for the Simplex contact for a total of 7 points for that one contact. (If the off island station is using commercial power you still get the 5 points and the 2 points for this example)


5.     Bonus Points: If you make a contact on all modes listed above under “Approved Contact Modes”, you will be awarded 50 additional points.


6.     Exchange: Call Sign, Contact Number, and Grid Square. You can find your grid square using apps for phones or a computer if you are not using commercial power. One such computer website is then click on the map and it will show a box with the grid square in it. If you are going to work the contest from your QTH (Home), remember your station cannot be hooked up to commercial power, then go to your QRZ page, click on the “Details” tab and find your Grid Square. Example of a Exchange that I would send to my first contact would be, “This is KH6OWL, you are contact #1, BL01”


7.     Logs must be submitted in the approved excel spreadsheet. You can calculate your points prior to submission.  Submit Logs to KH6OWL@... no later than 3 days from the end of contest.


8.     Certificate Emailed to all stations submitting a log sheet.


9.     Social Media / Website: More information will be posted at and