City network issues - all repeaters are stand alone

KH6WG Skawamae Kawamae


Aloha fellow member and net controllers,

Now its the 21st century and the highest level of emergency communications needed in this day and age, it would be extremely helpful, especially during our yearly hurricane seasons, we need to have more transparency of when our linked repeater system here on Oahu is all connected, stand alone or simply down for repairs.
We should be notified by text and/or email of when our repeater system is disconnected, stand alone and/or down for repairs.
During the last couple of weeks, we have had check ins from other neighboring islands ever since (we), meaning, EARC Amateur Radio Club, DEM, State, and/or HI-EMA, worked together to replace and repair the Diamond Head Repeater 146.880 mhz.
I am personally grateful that the Diamond Head repeater now has the best and cleanest audio our Amateur radio community has ever had the pleasure of using.
We all are grateful of those individuals and entities that makes the use of these linked repeaters possible. They are the unsung hero’s of Hawaii’s important communication system workable and dependable for everyone to use, especially during all important events, large or small and at times, lifesaving for our neighbors and the communities on Oahu and beyond.
This brand new Diamond Head repeater now accepts even the weakest signals from handheld radios and distant stations. The old machine was experiencing a lot of packet loss and the placement of the antenna wasn’t the greatest.
Even if the linked repeater system is stand alone and/or disconnected for any reason, the Amateur radio community would be fully informed and can strive together to help keep those repeaters connected.
We now live in an age where transparency is extremely possible and quickly becoming the norm. No finger pointing needed, just informed and everyone can be aware of the current state of the linked repeater system.
This is extremely important during all disaster events, whether it’s a Pacific-wide tsunami event or a major hurricane, everyone will be informed and can manage the linked repeater system’s use on an individual basis or the Amateur radio community as a whole.
I believe we all can work together to make this transparency possible and can discuss ideas on how this can become a true reality for all of us.
We love this hobby or as Ron KH6D drilled into the mindset of many of us over the years, one of America’s best past-time.
Let’s make this important linked repeater system status notification available for everyone.

Mahalo and 73’

Todd Wilson WH6DWF
Net Control Volunteer