APRS infrastructure additions and updates

KH6CP Craig Paul

Greetings all!

A few months ago Jeffrey Komori, KH6JUZ, added 5 watt forward error correction
enabled APRS stations (fx.25 protocol). You can see them as KH6JUZ-1x, where
x is 3, 4, and 5 on the website aprs.fi. Those are based in Mililani Mauka,
the Radford High area, and Kaimuki.

Sunday KH6JUZ-9 was established in Hawaii Kai. Rick Ching was "an early customer".
Sunday night marked the debut of an updated KH6MP-1, the historically rock-solid
Diamond Head APRS station.

These two Sunday additions also feature fx.25. The forward error correction
means that the data is recoverable from a much lower signal level. So once
those repeaters hear a "regular" APRS packet (which uses ax.25) the new digipeaters
encapsulate that "ordinary" APRS packet within error correction headers
and trailers and rebroadcast it.

Even though the KH6JUZ stations all broadcast at 5 watts I've already seen, in Kaneohe, direct error corrected transmissions from KH6JUZ-15 across the mountains.

Today KH6JUZ-8 was added in east Kapolei, likewise using fx.25.

This means there's an error corrected lower power "backbone" in south
and central O'ahu.

So, if you're in the Mililani and Wahiawa, Hawaii Kai, and Kapolei areas
give them a try! All those stations are also internet gateways (iGates).

There're more additions in the coming weeks!