May 14th, 2022: Operation "Ashfall" Semi-Annual Drill Nationwide ETO

Michael Miller KH6ML
May 14th, 2022: Operation "Ashfall" Semi-Annual Drill: Details Here!

Instructions for May 14th Semi-Annual Drill [PDF]


The purpose of the Nationwide ETO (EmComm Training Organization) semi-annual communications drill is to demonstrate the ability of Amateur Radio to provide accurate and timely messaging by forms using email over radio (Winlink) to further the mission of the agencies and organizations that we serve.
This can involve partners including the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS), along with many other government agencies and non-government organizations. As accuracy and reproducible documents are a cornerstone of modern disaster communications, the primary emphasis will be on digital written forms of communications, as opposed to verbal.


  • Amateur radio stations, in an imaginary disaster scenario where the conventional infrastructure is compromised, will compose and send forms/emails using the Winlink “email over radio” system to ETO clearinghouses
  • Create an added drill component to compose and send messages/forms by Winlink P2P ("Peer-to-Peer")
  • Include additional tasks for participants in messaging, including the finding of additional information to be included or analyzed
  • Continue to emphasize digital modes for achieving accuracy and timeliness of messaging
  • Encourage partner organizations to participate in their own local operations during the drill
  • Prepare and train amateur radio operators to effectively use the Winlink system
  • Determine weaknesses that future training can address