K7GPS writes of past Oahu SETs and EOC liking graphical situational awareness

KH6CP Craig Paul


Oahu SET activites start on p. 11.
(Robin Liu gets a mention.)

SET and EOC (from p. 12):

For the duration of the SET, the Commander remained there seeing what was going on and directing his resources based on what was on the APRS map. It was a coup for us wanting to get APRS into the EOC. I know this has been accomplished around the country and many EOCs have an APRS station with people familiar with operating the various clients.

What else have we used APRS for over the years? Marathon support has been a big user of APRS. I’ve done these on Oahu, Seattle and Missoula with chase and other support vehicles, First Aid and check point stations all on APRS. We’ve outfitted bikes, motorbikes and ATVs with trackers, ambulances too so we know where the race resources are. Fun stuff.