Treasurer/Membership Report for March 2020 (in lieu of GM meeting)

WH7GG Keith Higa

Good afternoon EARC members,

As Steve KH6WG emailed earlier today, the March 2020 General Membership meeting has been cancelled. This email will be in place of the oral report I normally give.

Treasurer Report
Balances as of 29 Feb 2020:

General fund: $12,420.13
Savings: $10,439.38
Total spendable: $22,859.51
KH6IJ Scholarship Fund: $3,885.77

Paypal to be deposited: $1,690.07
Cash/checks to be deposited: $308.00

Cash flow for this month $176.99 positive. About $784.00 in antenna sales for February, $300.00 in membership dues. Expenditures for February include rental for the EARC for 2020, office box rental, and reimbursement to Wayne KH6IN for the wireless internet services for the EARC repeaters.

Club finances continue to be in solid shape. Upcoming expenditures include Field Day and reimbursement to Peter KH6DK for materials for the antenna project.

Membership: Renewal season continues. As of today 3/15/2020, 92 paid members. Goal continues to be 100 by the end of the month. I can address any questions you have on your membership and whether you have renewed or not. New members can also apply on the website. You can also mail dues to the club PO Box (PO Box 30315, Honolulu, HI 96820).

If you have any questions please let me know. To all of our members, stay safe and well.

73 and aloha,
Keith Higa, WH7GG
Treasurer/Membership Chair