SKYWARN™ Recognition Day 2019, Hawaii, Friday, 12/6/19 1400-2200 HST.

AH6QO Kevin Bogan

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SKYWARN™ Recognition Day  
To all,

Please participate in this year's Skywarn Recognition Day (SRD) by sending in your simulated Severe Weather Report (Hawaii only.)
During our time on the air, we will take messages as noted below.  There will be no net initiated, just the Skywarn station standing by for the simulated Severe Weather Reports. We will make periodic announcements.

For Hawaii, we ask that you develop a simulated Severe Weather Report based on conditions where you are.  
If you go beyond Hawaii, other National Weather Service (NWS) offices will be taking Real-World Fair Weather Reports and not the simulated Severe Weather Reports.

Please Note: If you have a real-world Severe Weather Report, we will take it.  Please be sure to identify it as REAL-WORLD.

  • Date: 12/6/19
  • Time: 1400 - 2200 HST (which is 12/7/19, 0000 - 0800 Zulu)
  • DEM RACES repeaters (if operational):
  • IRLP linked repeaters will be available during our time on the air:
    • Round Top, 443.425 pl 114.8 node 3080 
    • Waimanalo, 444.375 pl 114.8 node 3197
    • Waialua 443.400 pl 114.8  node 8843
  • HF
    • 7080 kHz USB for voice and FLDIGI (on the hour and half hour)
    • 3880 kHz LSB phone (voice) (a quarter of and after the hour)
  • Winlink messages to kh6sw@...
  • Format (same as what you would do on the telephone call to NWS):
    • call sign
    • first name
    • Spotter number (if you have one)
    • location of observation
    • time of observation
    • Metrics (no guessing! No estimating. If nothing measured, move on to Impacts)
    • Impacts
  • Criteria ( ) :
    • What to Report (and use EXERCISE and SIMULATED as descriptors for these practice messages):
      ANY tornado, funnel, or waterspout
      Heavy rain at a rate of an inch per hour or more lasting more than 15 minutes
      ANY type of flooding that is threatening or causing damage
      ANY hail
      High winds strong enough to cause property damage
      - ANY weather related death, injury, or significant damage
Please be flexible as parameters may be adjusted.

Please pass this email on to other interested parties.

Thank you,

Kevin, AH6QO
Skywarn HAM Coordinator for Hawaii
Cell: 808.778.4697
Other: (720) 235-8172