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Message from Greg, NH6ZS


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Aloha Everyone,


09 Sunday, December 2018 is this year’s Honolulu Marathon…start time is 05:00am. 

On behalf of the Honolulu Marathon Association we are asking for volunteers to provide

radio communications for Medical Aid Stations along the race course, the Start-Line, the

Finish-Line area and Support Vans.  

The communication coverage we provide begins around 04:00am and into the afternoon

up until 3:00pm or so. 

The area of coverage is from Ala Moana Park / Queen St. (Start Line)…west-bound towards

Downtown Honolulu…through Downtown…east-bound back onto Ala Moana Blvd…through

Waikiki…around Diamond Head…through Kahala…out-bound to Hawaii Kai…west-bound to

Kapiolani Park for the Finish Line.


The following positions are needed:

NCS – 2

          Start Line Communicator – 1

Support Van Communicators – 10

Aid Station Communicators – 20

Main Medical Tent Communicators – 2


This is my line-up of volunteers from the 2017 Honolulu Marathon:

NCS – Ralph Toyama  – NH6PY – (if available)

            Todd Wislon – WH6DWF – (if available)

            Start Line – Ray Moody – AH6LT – (if available)

Support Van Communicators

Keith Higa – WH7GG – (if available)

Trevor Manago – WH6EJL – (if available)

Bernard Yuen – KH6MOI – (if available)

Raleigh Ferdun – KH6EN – (if available)

Joe Tabrah – WH6FHI – (if available)

Ann Shaver – WH2E – (Sweep Van) – (if available)


Aid Station Communicators

A/S 1: Iolani Palace

               Lynn Bailey – WH6ERV – (if available)

            A/S 2: Hobron Ln

                           Kevin Brammer – WH6OHM – (if available)

                          Dana Pagalaboyd – WH6GOD – (if available)

A/S 3: Kuhio Beach-HPD Station

   Clem Jung – KH7HO – (confirmed)

   Richard Kimitsuka – KH6OM – (confirmed)

A/S 4: Triangle Park

               Jack Tsujimura – KH6DQ – (if available)

               Bart Aronoff – KH7C – (if available)

A/S 5: Kahala Elementary

   Steve Hall – NH7ZD – (if available)

   Gloria Hall – KH6GLO – (if available)

   Robert Verner – WH7RGV – (if available)

   Hans Kashiwabara – KH7GN – (if available)

A/S 6: Wailupe Beach Park

   Ryan Ueoka – AH6BZ – (if available)

               Judy Ueoka – KH6JU  – (if available)

A/S 7: Niu Valley – (OPEN)

A/S 8: Hawaii Kai Dr – (OPEN)

A/S 9: Maunalua Bay

  Al Pascua – NH7WK – (if available)

  Randy Kurashige – AH6Q – (if available)

              Brandon Nuff – WH6ETF – (if available)

A/S 10: Kealaolu Ave – (OPEN)          

A/S 11: Kahala Ave – (OPEN)

A/S 12: Paki-Kalakaua Ave

               Kevin Rogers – KF7TTU – (if available)

A/S 13: Finish Line Water Station

               Erich Neumann – VE7EEF – (if available)

Main Medical Tent

   Glenn Martinez – AH6VF – (if available)

               Natalie Cash – WH6FNE –  (if available)


If you would like to volunteer for any of the positions please contact me by email: honu1@...

or leave a message on my cell phone: 808-673-5155.

If you are a newly licensed ham radio operator and/or have not participated in a community event before,

we would pair you up with a seasoned volunteer to help you along to “get-your-feet-wet”.  So come on out

and volunteer for the 2018 Honolulu Marathon, I know the race participants will appreciate your support.


Mahalo and 73!

Greg Amancio – NH6ZS






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