Honolulu Marathon 2018

AH6OO R Ueoka

Please excuse this email sent to everyone as we have a not received a updated list of ham radio volunteers for the Honolulu Marathon.

To all Marathon communications volunteers:

The Honolulu Marathon is this Sunday December 9, 2018.  Race start time is 5:00am.  There is usually a roll call of ham operators beginning at 4:30am for aid stations 1, 2 and 3.  Net control will usually poll each aid station before race start.  For those reporting to their aid station at a later time, please call in to net control to let them know you are on station.  
In lieu of further information from Greg, please see that attached marathon program from last year.  This contains our operating frequencies, and instructions for aid station and support van volunteers.  Please read through the program to familiarize yourself with our "job" for the day.  Since the medical team captain has their own radio device/cell phone we normally are "backup" communications to this.  We have however had instances where they could not find it, or they didn't know how to work it, or the battery died before the race was finished.  So our role can change in an instant.   Due to HIPAA restrictions, we are discouraged from giving certain personally identifiable information over the air. 

Also attached are the 2018 traffic advisory and course map.  You are also encouraged to visit the marathon site www.honolulumarathon.org and learn about the race as we do get questions from the race participants.

Our marathon ham coordinator, Greg Amancio, NH6ZS usually has a race packet pickup on Saturday morning between 9:30am and 1:00pm at the Kapiolani park.  This usually included a marathon volunteer shirt, cap, and ID tag.  Hopefully he will announce this soon.  Please wait for confirmation from Greg as to when and where packet pickup will be this year.  Greg's email is honu1@....

Also just a friendly reminder that while we normally identify our aid stations and support vans by using tactical call signs such as "Aid Station 1" or "Support Van 1" or "Main Medical",  we are still required to identify with our FCC assigned call sign every 10 minutes.

Since there is no time limit for this marathon, some of the aid stations can expect to be there after 3pm until 5pm or even later.  

Thank you to all who volunteered for this large event.  It can be a fun, busy and rewarding experience and there is a lot of interaction with people.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Those of us who have volunteered before are standing by to answer them.

Aloha and 73,

Ryan AH6OO

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