Re: Recommendation for nets

N1VA Richard Scaglion

I think it’s great to have this discussion, so thanks for bringing it up. And thanks to everyone for the net itself, especially the net control operators. The net is much better run here than most other places I’ve been. But we all want to make it better.

However, there’s another side to giving an announcement early. Usually, I try to listen to the whole net instead of just checking in and running off. Since I patiently wait my turn to check in on the appropriate repeater, I am usually checking in later on. So if I’m short of time, I “cheat” on the front end, only half-listening to the beginning of the net. Or sometimes I’m busy and I have to tune in late. I don’t think I’m alone on this, judging from the late check-ins that often come in at the end or sometimes even after net control has closed the net.

My point is that, for everyone who checks in early and then leaves the net before they’d hear a later announcement, there maybe someone who is checking in later and might miss an earlier announcement.

Also, I always have pencil and paper at hand during the roundtable, since I expect to possibly want to write something down. This isn’t always the case during the earlier part of the net.

I suppose the “best” practice would be to use discretion, keeping short announcements at the beginning, but saving longer or more involved ones for later, to try to accommodate to everyone’s schedules.

Rich N1VA

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