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WH6LOL Blaine Fergerstrom

Aloha Stacy,

I ran the net last night. The call for announcements and Round Table actually comes early in the net.

First up is Mobile and Short of Time.
Second is Announcements and Round Table

Generally, if someone calls for an announcement, I will let them go on the spot, if they wish. Or they may defer to Round Table.

Last night, first call was for a weather report, and they deferred to Round Table.

Second call was also for a weather report, and they, too, deferred to Round Table.

Third call was for an announcement (by you), and to the best of my recollection, you, too, deferred to Round Table. (I could be wrong, but that's my recollection. When logging check-ins, it takes a ton of concentration, intense listening, and intense scribbling for this kupuna.)

Then after the 146.980 repeater check-ins, RC came in with a call for an announcement.

So when I cleared the repeater check-ins, I then go to the Round Table, and address each RT/Announcement in the order received.

That's how it went down. Sorry if you felt that your announcement of the upcoming testing was somehow neglected. I thought it was interesting and terrific, so much so, that I reiterated the website url for any who may have missed it.

Aloha and 73,

Blaine Fergerstrom
(808) 497-9463
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