Re: Leeward O`ahu Simplex Net, October 24th


Aloha again,

This message is a follow-up to the Leeward O`ahu Simplex Net conducted yesterday, October 24th.  Linked below are the summary report and summary map for your review.  Note, use of the map where colored lines identify the path between two stations: green for confirmed contact between both stations; yellow for confirmed contact between both stations, however too weak a signal to transmit a message; and red for only one of two stations confirming contact.

Mahalo to all stations who participated and to those who followed the previous emails instructions.  Each attempt at this net, I've implemented a different element to test our ability to adapt to potential changes.  For this month, that was conducting the net entirely on simplex as during a real world disaster operation, we may not have the convenience of repeaters.

This net will continue along the same methodology although future nets will be scaled down for the benefit of leeward O`ahu operators.  If you would like to continue receiving this announcement or other content related to leeward O`ahu activities, please express your interest with a response to this email.  Upon your confirmation, I will subscribe you to our leeward O`ahu  Anyone is welcome to receive messages from this new  I will discontinue sending emails to individuals and/or island/state-wide mailing lists and will exclusively use this new account.


C. Pono Higa, WH6CPH
Leeward O`ahu District Emergency Coordinator (DEC)
Hawai`i Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
(808) 457-7243

On Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 4:33 PM C. Pono Higa <wh6cph@...> wrote:

This message is a reminder of the Leeward O`ahu Simplex Net scheduled for Sunday, October 24th at 1930 Hawai`i Standard Time (HST).  This net is intended to be conducted on the fourth Sunday of every month at 1930 HST.  All licensed amateur radio operators are encouraged to participate, however consideration should be given to the intent(s) of the net.

This net is intended to provide a venue for operators to: (1) test equipment; (2) examine signal coverage within leeward O`ahu; (3) determine paths to pass messages to areas outside leeward O`ahu; and (4) exercise emergency communication (EMCOMM) practices.

A departure from previous months, the net will exclusively be conducted on frequency 146.4450MHz (simplex).  If you are unable to hear net control, standby and we will attempt relay(s).  Net control will conduct a check-in style net.  All are encouraged to record the list of participants as they check-in and note those you're able to hear well enough to potentially pass a voice message with.  Please send me a follow-up report via email of your notes at the conclusion of the net.  For example:

AL1PHA - Yes

Note: Yes, meaning heard and able to potentially pass a voice message with.  No, meaning weak/scratchy signal or not heard at all.

I will be available on the DEM RACES repeater system (primary receive frequency 146.8600MHz, transmit frequency 146.2600MHz, and tone 88.5Hz) directly following the conclusion of the net for discussion, however a formal net will not be conducted on the repeater(s).

Should you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns, feel free to contact me via email or phone at (808) 457-7243.


C. Pono Higa, WH6CPH
Leeward O`ahu District Emergency Coordinator (DEC)
Hawai`i Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
(808) 457-7243

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