The Hawaii Great ShakeOut 2021

KH7HO Clem

To all,

This year's Hawaii Great ShakeOut will be this coming Saturday, October 16, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. HST.

For those who have Winlink capability, please participate in this very short exercise.  You can sent it in whatever mode, e.g., VARA FM, VARA HF, Packet, Pactor, or Telnet if you are not in range of a gateway.  Please do not submit before 9 a.m.  However, once you submit your DYFI, you are done.  The scenario is similar to yesterday's 6.2 earthquake but will be a 7.2 earthquake in the Volcano National Park.  How extensive your damage report will depend how far your location is from the simulated Hawaii Volcano National Park.  The simulated earthquake will be felt throughout the State and may cause major simulated damages as you do your report in the DYFI form.

Attached is The Hawaii Great ShakeOut 2021 instructions.  Please follow the instructions, especially the Exercise ID and adding the additional information in the Additional comments at the bottom of the DYFI form.  Also, please CC the message to KH7HO.  This instruction will also be on the web site shortly.

Request widest distribution on this email.

Hoping many Hawaii Hams will participate and show USGS how Hawaii Hams will support DYFI and the Great ShakeOut this year.

Have fun with this exercise.

Remember, in a real earthquake to duck, cover and hold on!

Clem (KH7HO)  

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