EARC Swap Meet

KH6FHI Joe Tabrah

A reminder to all the Amateur Radio community, the EARC/ARRL swap meet will be held this coming Saturday at the Fleet Reserve Association, located at 891 Valkenburgh Street, Honolulu, Hawaii.  Set up for sellers will begin at 09:00.  The Swap meet will run from 10:00 to 14:00.  We need to be cleaned up and ut of the building by 15:00.

For sellers, I attach a form that we ask you fill out and bring with you. Please remember that anything brought in to sell or give away must be removed if not sold or given away.  Sellers using EARC/ARRL  sponsored tables available to licensed hams and non-commercial entities at a cost of $10.00 per table for the sale of ham related items only.  The EARC reserves the right to determine what constitutes ham related items.  

For buyers, any transactions are between the buyer and seller, and the EARC is not a party to these transactions.  Everything is offered as is and anything purchased or taken for free must be removed from the FRA premises by 15:00 on that day.  

Please direct any questions to Joe, KH6FHI, 

With these formalities noted, we urge all amateurs to participate!  We look forward to seeing you Saturday morning.  


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