Fw: [EmComm-Training] Winlink Thursday Aug 26, 2021 #announcements #14-2021

KH7HO Clem

To all,

Forwarding this for your participation if you did not receive this email.  Please follow the attached instructions.  Jack (KH6DQ) will be operational for the three bands for HF P2P.  I am having problems with my HF antenna, especially on 40 meters.  So please use Jack as the primary station to send your Winlink messages for this ETO exercise.  You can also try sending to me.

6 AM – 10 AM on 80 meters: 3561.500 CF, 3560.000 DF
10 AM – 2 PM on 40 meters: 7113.500 CF, 7112.000 DF
2 PM – 6 PM on 20 meters: 14121.500 CF, 14120.000 DF

I will no longer be the ETO-HI for future ETO Thursday Winlink exercises after this exercise.  I have recommended that ETO-HI be dissolved and be included in the ETO-09 (Hawaii is part of FEMA Region 9).

Please continue to participate in future ETO Thursday Winlink exercises.

Clem (KH7HO)

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Subject: [EmComm-Training] Winlink Thursday Aug 26, 2021 #Announcements #14-2021

This 4th  week, for those of you with a reasonably good HF station, we offer the opportunity to make a Winlink Peer-to-Peer (P2P) HF connection to one of our Target stations across the country. A P2P connection requires that your Winlink Express station connect to another Winlink Express station, NOT a Winlink RMS node, and pass messages addressed to that station only. You must be using the same mode for communication. In our case we are using VARA HF P2P.

See the attached instructions and second attachment for the list of Target stations.
Band conditions and  the magic of the ether will determine your successes.
Good Luck.

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