Final newsletter Ham Radio Hawaii

KH6OWL Darren Holbrook

This is the final newsletter. I’ve enjoyed this very much and am appreciative of the support and thanks that I did receive. I tried to fit this in while running a business and being with family.  I was never good at writing, and some of you made that painfully clear, but the intent was to always share what little I knew about upcoming events and to make it easier on those who felt like they were in the dark and to help spread the word about the hobby. 

The Ham Radio Hawaii Facebook page, Facebook group, the Ham Radio Hawaii Buy, Sell  & Trade group have all been deleted.  We had 376 members when it was deleted with members from all over the world and lasted over 6 years.  A good run in my opinion! The two websites I have will run until they are due for renewal and at that time will go away as well.

There is a Hawaii Ham Radio Facebook group that can use the support so please think about joining that endeavor.

Please start treating each other better, we are no better than anyone else and you never know what that person is going through in their life.

Please, no responses and or calls or text and please remove me from your mailing list if you don't mind. To include the EARC list serve as I can't find the email that tells me how to do that anymore.

I hope you enjoy this one. I was almost finished so I decided to wrap it up early. 73


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