Fw: [EmComm-Training] Winlink Thursday Aug 5,2021 #announcements #13-2021

KH7HO Clem

To all,

For those who are using Winlink or those who are interested in Winlink, you can participate in the Weekly ETO Thursday WL exercises.  See the attachment below for information for this coming Thursday exercise.

These Thursday WL exercises will help you learn more about Winlink and the various templates (forms) in Winlink.  It supplements, what Van (NH7IT) sends out every two weeks.  If you are interested also joining Van's training you can email him directly at NH7IT@....

Some of you are getting this information directly from the ETO group.  If you want to be on their mailing list for these exercises you can sign up at their web site, http://emcomm-training.org/.  After each Thursday's exercise you will be able to see who participated in the most recent exercise on the map (https://www.qsl.net/kw4shp/ETO/WinlinkMap.html.  They are doing these weekly Thursday WL exercise to get ready for the nation wide Fall Winlink Drill scheduled for Saturday, November 13, 2021.

All Hawaii Hams are to send their Winlink messages to the Hawaii Clearing House station, ETO-HI.  Not to ETO-09.

If you want additional information or help in Winlink in general there is a group in Hawaii that can help you with setting up Winlink, etc.  Send your questions to support@....  You can also go to the http://hawaiiares.net web site and click on the Training and Resources tabs for information on Winlink.  You can also go to the https://Winlink.org web site and click on Book of Knowledge to learn more about Winlink. 

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Clem (ETO-HI)
Hawaii Clearing House

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The EmComm-Training- Organization’s Group.io site (Emcomm-Training) has grown to more than 2,050 members. You must be among that group since you are getting this email from the group. The EmComm Training Organization has also grown thanks to some very dedicated volunteers developing a Web site (http://emcomm-training.org/index.html) and a Geographic display of Winlink Thursday results (https://www.qsl.net/kw4shp/ETO/WinlinkMap.html).  A group of “Clearing House” stations has developed aligned with FEMA regions ETO-01 to ETO-10 plus ETO-HI for Hawaii, and ETO-DX for stations outside the US. See https://arc-emcomm-training.org/General-Drill-Info.html


The Winlink Thursday for July 29, 2021 had 498 participants. This was a Fourth Thursday and we tried a more challenging exercise than beginner level, and almost 500 operators successfully completed that exercise. This is a significant number of proficient Winlink Express users across the country and even about 15 DX stations.

If we have left some behind, we hope this week to go back and pick some up with a similar exercise to the first ones. 
Good luck and enjoy another Winlink Thursday. 

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