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KH7HO Clem

To all,

In case you did not get this announcement, please participate by using the Local Weather Report in the Winlink template.  Learn how to use another template in the Winlink standard template list.  Please see the attachment below for further details.  

You have until 11:59 p.m., Thursday, August 5, 2021 to submit you message.

Please send your message to ETO-HI and not to KH7HO.

These ETO weekly Winlink Thursday Exercises are put out by the EMCOMM Training Organization (ETO) formally called the ARC group, if you had participated in last year's drills.  The purpose is to encourage the use of Winlink in EMCOMM situations and to prepared for the twice a year nation wide drills.  Winlink is becoming the digital communication of choice for EMCOMM throughout the U.S.

If you are not yet using Winlink or want to learn more about Winlink, see the following for additional information and training:
https://hawaiiares.net - click on the Training tab at the top and scroll down to SDG ARES Winlink Express Video and also click on the Resources tab and click on the Winlink Workshops.

- winlink.org - go to Select a page, go to Book of Knowledge, click on Watch the K4REF video tutorials.  You can also click on Download and install Winlink Express.  It is free but there will be a window that will pop up every so often to ask for your donation.  It is worth to donate the small amount that is ask.  Download the Winlink Express and learn to use the Telnet mode.  It is just using internet and not the VARA FM or VARA HF, packet, etc.  If you want to move up to VARA FM, you can.  It is free in the narrow but if you want to transmit your messages faster via RF mode, you will need to purchase the VARA license which is $35.00 (a discount from $70.00) and is a one time purchase for both VARA FM and VARA HF.  If interested, send an email to me.  VARA FM is very fast with the VARA license!  You can send attachments, pictures and the Winlink templates just like in email.

- support@... - if you have any questions or problems using Winlink, VARA FM, etc. there is a team of four subject matter experts in Hawaii that can help you.

There is so much that can be done via Winlink.  Try it out and especially, have fun.

Please give this email maximum distribution.

Clem (ETO-HI)
Pacific ARES SEC

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Welcome to August where the weather is as unpredictable as ever.
This week we use a Winlink form to report our local weather as you see it.
There is no right versus wrong for this exercise, just an opportunity to use another form from the Winlink Express Standard Templates.
Of course, if you are actually having a weather event that requires emergency communications, don't use email (Winlink or any other).
Have a clear day.

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