Field Day Extra Points

KH7HO Clem

To all,

You can get extra points on Field Day, if you choose to do so, by doing the following (confirmed with Paul Bourque, N1SFE, ARRL Contest Coordinator, on a phone call this morning):
1 - Send up to ten (10) formal messages for 10 points each for a maximum of a 100 points:
     - The message will need to be transmitted via RF (not internet or Telnet) from your operating site and during the hours of Field Day and messages can go to a Winlink gateway
     - Use of Winlink Check-In form to ETO-HI is permitted (information sent out yesterday)
     - Use of Winlink ICS-213 and the Winlink ARRL Radiogram are also permitted
     - All copies of your formal messages must be included with your Field Day report to get credit 
2 - Send a formal RF message during Field Day to either the the ARRL Section Manager, Joe Speroni (AH0A) or to Section Emergency Coordinator, Clem Jung (KH7HO), for 100 points (can send to both but total points will still be 100); does not count towards the total of 10 formal reports mentioned above for this bonus: 
     - Use the Winlink Radiogram to send your formal message (Paul Bourque did say can also use the ICS-213 form)
     - Include in the message the following
          - Club Name (if working as a club)
          - Number of participants
          - Field Day location
          - Number of ARES operators involved with your station
     - Copy of your message must be included with your Field Day report to get credit

Looking forward to your formal messages either as KH7HO as the Section Emergency Coordinator and as ETO-HI for the Winlink Check-In form.

I have again attached the ETO Field Day instructions below.

Please give this email widest distribution.

Have fun on Field Day.

Clem Jung 


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