2021 EMComm Training Organization (ETO) Goes to Field Day

KH7HO Clem

To all,

The ETO is continuing with Winlink training and are encouraging Hams to submit a Winlink Check-In form during this coming Field Day, even if you will not participate in Field Day.

Many of you have submitted the Winlink Check-In form in the recent June 19, 2021 Makani Pahili Hurricane COMMEX so this should not be difficult.  You can send your report via VARA FM, VARA HF, Pactor, Packet, or Telnet and whether you use battery, generator or commercial power.

If you decide to participate, please send your Winlink Check-In to ETO-HI and to mapemcomm@... to see your call sign on the map.  Do not send any messages to KH7HO.

Please see the attachment below for further details.

Please give this email as much distribution as possible.

Have fun.

Clem (ETO-HI)

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