May 5, 2021 Windward Oahu Winlink Net

KH7HO Clem

To all,

Join us Wednesday, MAY 5, at 9 PM CINCO DE MAYO 

for a Windward Oahu Winlink Net 

 Please plan on sending  Winlink message check-in located in:

Templates>Standard>General forms> Winlink Check-in.

There are three ways you can get your check into net control.

  1. Address to KH6ML using Peer to Peer Message via VARA FM.  If you do not have this ability, please #2.
  2. Address to KH6ML using via Winlink Message VARA FM. If you do not have this ability, please #3
  3. Address to KH6ML using Winlink Message via Telnet.

 To learn more, you may watch and listen to the net on ZOOM. Net control will not be responding to anything on ZOOM. Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting

 In the comments, please let me know your class of license, your radios, and modes you can transmit on. Let us know what type of emergency power you have available.

 Voice check-ins then move to digital mode :

No repeaters will be used. Listen on 145.070 and be ready to voice relay for other stations.

145.070 Gateway Feq with VARA FM P2P (NET CONTROL MAIN)

----------------Below may be used as needed ----------------

145.050 VARA FM P2P & Voice secondary

146.505 Voice and VARA FM P2P

ALL amateur operators are invited even if you do not have your radio equipment set up yet. You can still practice and send via Telnet. This is the first step to getting started. Here are some video to get you started:

In advance, we will ask each operator to prepare at least 3 P2P messages to operators that might be on the net. Feel free to prep more.

 WWN MSG1: List the Address of the closest fire station and EMS station to your home. 

WWN MSG2: When the power goes out what backup power do you have at home?

WWN MSG3: Where and when did you first get licensed?

WWN MSG4: What other short questions should we ask each other?

WWN MSG5: List the location of two nearest gas stations to your home QTH.

WWN MSG6: List the close Amateur Radio Operators Name - Callsign - Distance

WWN MSG7: List 2 Closest ER Hospitals and Distance to your home QTH.

 We will try two-hop VARA FM digipeating. 

 Pick a station that you cannot reach P2P, if possible.

Each operator will pick the two Hops that will work the best. 

Be ready to say what stations you will be using. Digipeating stations will work best.

Sample plan:

NH6XL send      P2P KH7HO     Via 1  KH6LT    Via 2  WH6EQU

_____   send     P2P ______      Via 1 _______  Via 2 _______

_____   send     P2P ______      Via 1 _______  Via 2 _______


Mahalo, Michael Miller (KH6ML)


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