Re: South Oahu Simplex net this Friday, Feb 26, at 8:00pm

WH6GNI John Osburn <osburn96734@...>


Thank you for the information. I attempted to check in numerous times tonight without success, again. I thought I could hit the 146.680 repeater, but evidently not. I tried my HT with a newer antenna but it looks like it didn't make any difference. I heard the "beep" of hitting the repeater, but the NCS (WH6DWF) never responded, and no other station acknowledged me either.

It looks like my 2 choices are either a) camp out directly under the repeater, or b) wait a month (or longer) for my rig I ordered (Kenwood TM-7A) arrives. But, being the stubborn Irishman that I am, I will give a try on the 147.000 on Wednesday night. If you don't hear me, know that I was out there trying!

Regards and thanks,
John (WH6JBO)

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