DEM Repeater Linking

KH6WG Skawamae Kawamae

To EARC All,
Apologies, I thought I sent this out earlier but checking my outbox, it was not to be found.  Lots of concurrent stuff happening.

The 146.980 FFMB, 146.860 Manawahua, 146.760 Mokueia (Peacock Flats), 146.680 Waimanalo repeaters have been relinked.  Thanks to the City and State entities who made this happen.  

Upgrades are needed for the 146.880 Diamond Head and 146.900 Kahuku repeaters prior to linking.  Works in progress.

We should all be grateful that even when the repeaters were not linked, we actually had repeaters in strategic places to use even though they were stand alone.  Before my time but there was a time when there was only one repeater on the whole Island.  Without the repeaters, each station is limited to Simplex.  Which is not a bad thing.  Much appreciation to the custodians of the repeaters and the network.  

de KH6WG

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