FW: Hawaiian Islands Grid Madness -- A VHF/UHF Simplex Event -- September 16th, 2018

KH6FHI Joe Tabrah

This is a great event and a lot of fun.  I urge all EARC members to participate this year!




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Subject: Hawaiian Islands Grid Madness -- A VHF/UHF Simplex Event -- September 16th, 2018



Aulani Hui Amateur Repeater Club and the event organizers are happy to announce the Fifth Annual Hawaiian Islands Grid Madness.

We are sending this early notice to Hawaii amateur radio operators. If you can, please help to make this event better -- spread the word via radio nets, meetings, newsletters, web sites, or just tell another ham! See below for a summary description. On the radio, you can provide the URL below, or just say "Google Grid Madness."

We invite YOU, and ALL Radio Amateurs in the State of Hawaii to participate:

  • "get on the air" for new hams
  • emergency communications practice for responder groups (ARES, CERT, etc)
  • a fun activity for everyone -- see who you can contact in your area or across the water

Please consider using this event as part of your effort to mentor new hams, teach and practice EmComm procedures, or as an on-the-air social event.

New this year:

  • Certificate Endorsements -- challenge yourself!
  • Simplified paper logging -- No need to worry about points, or computing your score, or entering the exact frequency.
  • Or, use the updated Grid Madness Logger with your computer.
  • Public Info Flier to print and hand out to interested observers.
  • Log submission deadline -- extended to two weeks.

We will send a reminder in early September, with any updates.

Thanks and 73!
Stan AH6KO (Event Manager)
Eric KH6CQ (Aulani Hui ARC)

If you want to  be removed from our email list, just let us know!

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Here's a summary description of the event. You can forward this email to any ham or amateur radio organization in Hawaii!
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Aulani Hui Amateur Repeater Club is sponsoring Hawaiian Islands Grid Madness, an event for all hams in the State of Hawaii. This event is designed for FUN, and to test your equipment, coverage and operating skills using simplex FM on 2 meters and 70 cm.

The idea is to contact as many stations as you can in as many Grid Squares as you can, using SIMPLEX ONLY. Take a look at the summary of last year's event, and how to assign your score to a club. Check out the new Certificate Endorsements too.
For your calendar -- Sunday, September 16th 2018 from 1300 to 1700 HST. View/download the info packet at


Please send comments and questions to AH6KO@...

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