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Thanks for your comments.  The battery bank is 8x12 AGM

de KH6WG

On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 7:45 AM WH6DWF Todd <hamsterradio13@...> wrote:
    If I remember correctly, you guys just replaced those batteries with 6 volt golf cart batteries last year.
    I recommend that you intergrade that battery bank with a combination of 6 volt and 8 volt golf cart batteries in series and parallel circuits so that you have a total of 14+ volts and this should prevent this from happening again.
    The other added benefit is that you will no longer require a charge controller because a 14 volt system is so close to the charging rate of 12 volt panels that charge between 18-22 volts at full sunlight conditions.
     The repeaters themselves are usually rated at 13.8 volts +\- 15% so under 16 volts at full charge shouldn’t be an issue.
    If you want these batteries to last for decades instead of years, you can add a $9 Pulse/Desulf circuit board, which you wire into place by connecting the negative to one end of the battery bank and the positive on the opposite end of the battery bank. These Pulse/Desulf boards are sold on eBay for around $9 each. For larger battery banks, you can use two of these independently.
    There is another alternative, you can add a Pulse/Desulf solar panel but is more expensive to go this route, plus the panels are usually in the 20-50 watt range.
    If you need help in future, I’m willing to help out whenever needed.

                    Todd WH6DWF

                    SEMPER FI

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