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KH6OWL Darren Holbrook

Please see below. I had a phone conversation with this gentleman and wanted to see if someone knows or can help his COVID project. He has been on the island for about 2 years.

Hi Mr. Holbrook
Thanks for the nice talk.
First here’s the link to the project Im working on with UH

We have submitted a proposal to DOH for funding.

I did most of the software on the original project that was performing explosive detection, except the core signal processing detection algorithms done by Dr. John Apostolos. 

Although I originally have a hardware background. it has been so long I can only build something if it has tubes with filament voltages hahaha.

The first problem I'm trying to solve is to establish a small R&D lab here, where I can work on developing hardware to detect small signals reacting from elements in the body.
If you look at the web page above, the theory is that our different body chemistry elements will react to low power radio signals by emitting their own unique signal when stimulated near its natural resonant frequency. We have done this in practice by detecting explosives containing nitrogen. The scientific nomenclature is termed NQR (nuclear quadrupole resonance)

I need to find a local contact hardware guy who knows about precision A/D and D/A conversion, low noise rf amps, and can build low frequency antennas for test. (200KHz-3MHz range). 
From my experience with contracting with the Navy and NSA, those guys have the knowledge of what the latest commercial technology has available. I don’t want to build a special board with A/D D/A conversion if there is something already available.

Since this is for prototyping, I don’t need anything fancy, but just to test with and prove the theory.

Right now there is no funding, but we are waiting to hear from the DOH for approval.

So that’s it on the project side.

So thanks again
WK1K (originally W8PID)


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