Emergency Amateur Radio Club General Elections

KH6WG Skawamae Kawamae

To: EARC Membership All

Aloha All,
The nomination for EARC Board of Directors is now open.  Please submit your candidate for the following:  All positions are open.  Incumbent is in the brackets.

President (1)  [Steve Kawamae - KH6WG]
Vice President (1)  [Darrell Omuro - KH6HT]
Secretary (1)  [Joe Tabrah - KH6FHI]
Treasurer (1)  [Keith Higa - WH7GG]

General (5)  [Ralph Miranda - WH7PD, Bernard Yuen - KH6MOI, Heather Flewelling - AH7RF, Peter Matsunaga - KH6DK and Garret Larson - WH6GL]

Aloha & 73,
de KH6WG

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