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Any avid satellite hams out there?  Give Herb a shout via email.  

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Date: Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 4:28 AM
Subject: QSO on Satellite for HI
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Good morning.  I am a “new” satellite ham (been licensed since the 80’s and was a heavy duty DX’er, contester, but age finally caught up to me….too old to climb towers) 


So I decided after I retired from NASA I’d like to do some satellite work of my own (I designed and developed satellite comm systems).  So about three years ago I got into satellite ham radio.  I designed and developed an x-pol 12 element 2m and an x-pol 26 element 70cm yagis as well as home brew LNAs.  Currently I am using quadrfilar helicals on top of my camper outside my house (I have the same antennas (also home built) in the attic but are very poor at best) for my satellite chasing until I get my rotor situation solved (name bought).


I am looking for satellite operators to get a QSO (and QSL via LoTW) from HI.  Would it be possible to get some names of hams there that work satellite?  I want to set up a sked to work HI for my WAS Satellite certificate please?  I have very good luck with analog birds (XW-2x and CAS-AA/B) and a little luck with FM birds.  Since I am in Alabama the access time for both of us puts us at 5 degs off the horizon.  With my Quadrafilar antennas using FM birds would be impossible.  Using Analog birds is going to be tough at best (any chance they can run CW?) Having said that, do you know of anyone there in HI that could help me out?  I found you callsign on a google search for HI amateur radio sat operators.  As it is I am going to have to go to the “mountain” range (about 2000 feet AGL) and operate from there to even have a chance.  It appears that only once per month does my location and “Hawaii in general” have a 5 deg pass…..This is going to be VERY tough….


Thanks for your time and have a great day.  I hope to hear back from you soon.







Dr. Herb Sims




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