Digital communications talk for Hawaii hams

KH6FHI Joe Tabrah

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Lots of education opportunities popping up on ZOOM these days.  Joe
Tabrah (KH6FHI) has stepped forward to organize a session on high speed
VHF/UHF FM digital communications.  It is headlined by an overview of
adapters by the designer of the cards many Hawaii hams are using in
repeaters and Winlink equipment.  Here’s the announcement of what’s
planned to help help more Hawaii stations get on digital.

Aloha all,

ARES is planning a zoom information and training session for Saturday, 8
August at 10:00 AM to help local amateurs equip and program their
VHF/UHF radios to operate Winlink and other digital modes. 

For many of us connecting our radios to a computer to use Winlink seems
like a major project.  On the HF side, transceivers with inbuilt sound
cards make it simpler. Most ham software operates with audio frequencies
in the range of voice communications; A good match with HF Winlink!

Amateur Radio FM VHF/UHF equipment is capable of “Hi-Fidelity” audio
but most transceivers have audio circuits to optimize voice
communications.  This removes high frequencies unwanted for
person-to-person communications.

There is a class of Japanese transceivers designed for VHF/UHF packet
radio with an audio path that skips the voice optimization allowing
“Hi-Fi” frequencies to be transmitted.  It is called 9600-baud
packet, a name that was suitable when hardware TNC modems were used.
With today’s computer sound card modems, more appropriate names for
the two modes would be NARROW (voice) and WIDE (high speed digital).

ARRL ARES has arranged for Masters Communications to give us an overview
of the Digital Radio Adapter (DRA) series used by many for Winlink
communications.  Kevin Custer (W3KKC), the designer of these cards, will
meet with interested Hawaii hams on ZOOOM Saturday, August 8th, at 10:00
AM.  Interested? Send an email requesting an invitation to,


For Amateurs wanting to know what audio adapters and cables to use with
their VHF/UHF equipment, advice can be useful. To help with that,
attending the session will be four Hawaii Amateurs with digital adapter

  Jim Pilgram (NH6HI), who recommended Kevin’s repeater adapters
  as a candidate for Winlink audio.

  Van Malan (NH7IT), a member of the Winlink Development Team
  Peter Matsunaga (KH6DK), a BETA tester for these adapters

Big Island
  Jim Huntley (WH6FQI), a BETA tester for these adapters

These guys are already helping many Hawaii hams get on Winlink.
Attendees will have an opportunity to meet them and discuss

73 de Joe Tabrah, KH6FHI

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A

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