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Please see this announcement of the Hawaii QSO party scheduled for August.  This is a really fun event, especially since stations from all over the world are trying to work Hawaii stations!  Remember, if an antenna is all you lack for getting on HF, we can supply one of the club's matchboxes to get you started.  contact me if you want one at KH6FHI@....  

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Alan (AD6E), the HQP Chairman, reminds us the Hawaii QSO Party is next
month.  HQP is the one HF event where stations worldwide point their
antennas at us.  It is an opportunity for more modest stations to fill
out their WAS and DXCC lists.  There are many still looking for a KH6

It is a low-key contest, a fun event, with contacts having a chance to
chat a bit about Hawaii instead of high-pressure competition.  Here's
Alan's invitation.  And take a look at Alan's new web site. I especially
like the new Hawaii multiplier maps making it easy for Hawaii stations
to figure out their multiplier.  Well done Alan!

Please save the dates: Aug 22-24 for the Hawaii QSO Party


The HQP will run from 0400Z 22 August to 0359Z 24 August. Work as many
stations on as many bands and modes as you can. Complete rules:


The biggest complaint I heard last year was “Where were all the Hawaii
stations?” We really need YOU to get on the air and make some QSOs.
This is our one big HF event of the year and there will be a LOT of
folks out there looking for HI. This event will be active for 48 hours,
but no one has to be active the whole time. Think of it as a 48-hour
window of opportunity. Play radio as much as you like during those

A map of the Hawaii multipliers can be found here:


While most QSO parties use their counties as multipliers, here in Hawaii
we only have five counties so we've expanded the multiplier list to use
“districts” instead roughly following the ancient Moku.

All digital modes (RTTY, FT8, FT4, PSK, whatever) are considered
“digital” so there are three modes to use: CW, Phone, Digital.

Hopefully, the WX will cooperate and we'll have some excellent

With Aloha,
Alan AD6E / KH6TU
HQP Chairman

ARRL Pacific Section
Section Manager: Joseph Speroni, AH0A

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