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If anyone can help with this, please LMK.  Thanks in advance. 

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I am an associate producer on the long-running Travel Channel series, Mysteries at the Museum. We’re currently producing a standalone documentary special that will focus on the heroic story of Amelia Earhart.


We are planning to travel to Hawaii in the next few weeks to film. A section of our story involves the use of a Radio Direction Finder (by Earhart). She used a classic Bendex RDF during her attempt to fly around the world. While in Hawaii we’d like to film a demonstration of a similar model RDF with our host Don Wildman. I was hoping that someone in the Emergency Amateur Radio Club would be able to help us locate and demonstrate an old Radio Direction Finder. Below are photos of similar model RDF’s. We don’t need the exact model that Earhart used, but from around the same general time period.




Would you have time for a quick phone conversation about the project?


Below I’ve included some information about the documentary series, Mysteries at the Museum.  Also, here is a link to a recent documentary we produced featuring our host Don Wildman in Egypt. This will give you a sense of the format of our show.


And here is a bit about our host, Don Wildman:


Don Wildman is fast becoming one the most recognizable faces in documentary television. As host of "Mysteries at the Museum," "Monumental Mysteries" and "Greatest Mysteries," Wildman's journey is full of surprises and adventure. Whether traversing obscure or familiar turf, Wildman’s mission is to expose the real truth lying beneath the surface.

In Travel Channel's "Mysteries at the Museum," Wildman takes viewers across the United States, delving deep into the vaults of the nation's most revered institutions and unearthing wondrous treasures from the nation’s past. In "Monumental Mysteries," he uncovers some of America’s most interesting events and greatest triumphs that are linked to the country’s history-rich monuments. In each of the "Greatest Mysteries" specials, Wildman travels the globe to some of the most iconic and carefully-guarded places in the world, where he shares many of their fascinating stories. Previously, Wildman served as host of Travel Channel's "Off Limits," where he crisscrossed the United States, providing viewers with a peek behind locked doors to uncover the secrets of the country's man-made world.

Before Travel Channel, Wildman served as the intrepid host of History’s adventure series, "Cities of the Underworld," where he explored hundreds of mysterious tunnels, catacombs, crypts and bunker systems found beneath more than forty cities and regions around the globe. Wildman has worked across a spectrum of subjects from history to engineering to sports adventure. On ESPN's "Men’s Journal," he paddled wild rivers in Chile, scaled towering mountains in Oregon, and fly-fished until he could fish no more. In 2011, he hosted the three-part historical investigation series, "Filthy Cities" – a joint venture between Discovery Channel and BBC.


Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Best Regards,


Dearl Nelson

Mysteries at the Museum – Travel Channel

Associate Producer

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