Re: Upcoming Event: General Membership Meeting - Tue, 03/17/2020 19:00-21:00 #cal-reminder


      Aloha everyone, 
   I like the idea of doing our monthly club meetings via webinar just for the time being. 
   As I stated last night during net is that I live in an area of the island that will become the states hotspot as a high tourism area-Waikiki Beach. 
    I’m taking all the right precautions-washing hands often, limiting my exposure to people and crowds, taking a bunch of vitamins each day to include Zinc 25mg and Vitamin C 1000mg along with Mens One-A-Day vitamins. My wife is taking Womens One-A-Day vitamins also. Note* The womens version is a big horse pill because of the amount of ingredients and some require women to take two big tablets a day but you gotta do it...
     My intent wasn’t to hurt the club or the club membership by not going, my intent is the opposite. I don’t want to be the one member to introduce this virus to everyone else due to underlying conditions from the Osteoarthritis I’ve been battling against along with poor circulation issues with multiple medical implants in my arms and legs along with TBI as a combat wounded civilian military contractor and as a former Marine Corps veteran. 
    As I also mentioned during last night’s EARC net, that I consider myself as one of the younger members of the club. 
   According to the ARRL Membership records in 2018, the age of the average ARRL membership was at the age of 61 years old, right there at the high risk group for the Coronavirus 2019 outbreak and pandemic victims. 
     Another reason that I’m choosing not to go is because of my past medical history of not contracting other contagious illnesses but instead becoming a carrier of those illnesses, which I won’t become ill myself but could transfer the contagion from one place to another. Not sure if that applies here with this nCovid-19 but I just don’t want to find out the hard way. 
    Thankfully, our club has the option of paying for club dues via paypal and if our meetings will be conducted monthly via webinar, that would show other clubs around our great nation that life goes on and that we can still have a normal meeting that actually may increase the number our local ham operators participation. 
     In all honesty, I’m just playing it safe, I really don’t feel that I, personally, is in any danger and I’m just looking out for the welfare of other club members. 
   I will still be doing the Sunday ARES Emergency EmComm Information Net and Monday EARC night nets as usual, along with Skywarn NCS duties during activations. 
     I will continue to provide the latest information that’s available and I will still continue to be an elmer to all the new hams and the Amateur Radio Goodwill Ambassador to visiting hams to Honolulu and Waikiki Beach. 
    Recently, I’ve moved up and into a much bigger condo with a much higher elevation and actively expanding my ham shack or station along with expanding my battery banks with new 8 volt golf cart batteries to expand my 14 volt systems for both radios and DC to AC power inverters. 
    I am preparing for the worst case scenario ie: Power failures, tsunami and the upcoming hurricane season. Stocking up on food and water supplies is essential at this time, not toilet paper, lol. People getting a little panicky over nothing when it comes to toilet paper and hand sanitizers( which by the way has only been around in recently years) and still doesn’t replace old fashion hand washing and commonsense. 
    I know that I do not represent the views and operations of the club’s day to day operations as the club officers do but I still represent the face of the club during our nets. 
    As our club adapts and overcomes this Coronavirus Pandemic and as our club makes new changes, I will support, inform and relay those changes to the membership the best way that I know how as a net control operator for EARC. 
    If I don’t know a particular answer to a problem, I will consult with the leaders of our club to find a workable solution to any problem. 
    During the next several months, make it a point stay in touch with your fellow hams and looking out for their welfare. If you don’t hear a fellow ham on the air, simply give them a call to see if they need any help. Sometimes it is as simple as a power supple that went south on them and some of us knows how to build a working power supply for Amateur radio out of old computers. Need a antenna, we have members that can build one for you. Need coax cable, many of us elmers usually have extra. 
    The point is that the EARC club is here to help the Amateur radio community any way it can, even during tsunamis, hurricanes and now, virus pandemic. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 
    Thank you all for checking into my nets and support the EARC Club of Honolulu. 

         Todd Wilson WH6DWF
           ARES AEC -SE Oahu
           EARC Net Controller 

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