Additional Information about Novel Coronavirus 2019

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Thank you to KH6WG for forwarding our HDOH advisory about Novel Coronavirus 2019 to the EARC group account.  Here is some additional information:

I have been getting texts and emails from people asking whether they should wear N95 masks, N100 masks, and goggles.  This is not recommended by the CDC or HDOH.  Caregivers who are in frequent contact with sick people are advised to wear surgical masks.  Our toxicologist has told me that the N95 masks are no more protective than surgical masks when preventing the spread of a virus.   Additionally, we are still learning how this virus is transmitted.

It is important to get information from authorized sources. Our state's Public Health Preparedness Branch advises people with questions about the Novel Coronavirus to  visit our HDOH website,  and the CDC website, for the latest and most accurate information.

If anyone has additional questions about Coronavirus, feel free to email me at lynn.bailey@... or sk1tter@....  I will follow up with the experts and try to find the information you need.

Lynn Bailey

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