GROL examiners here

KH6WM Warren Munro


Studying for and taking the GROL (General Commercial Radio Operator) test to acquire the commercial GROL license is a worthy effort for any amateur interested in increasing their radio/electronics knowledge. The GROL replaced a series of commercial radio operator licenses and is a lifetime (no renewal) license.

One current tester (as of a year or so ago) was the Pacific Maritime Academy whose main business is Coast Guard license training and testing.  Another source is via Elkins (check the Web) license prep who said they had someone here but had not utilized lately.

When I passed the GROL years ago, testing was being done by much-lamented Richard LaChance of StarComm Radio. Later, Lee Wical (may he not rest in peace) was a commercial examiner for W5YI.

The W5YI GROL book is excellent, has been revised fairly recently.  W5YI had another person here, but moved to mainland. May have another one by now.


Warren. KH6WM

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