Re: Honolulu Marathon 2019 - Volunteers Wanted !!

KH6OWL Darren Holbrook

To All;


I have KITV willing to do a story on what you all do for the marathon. Kind of behind the scene.

They would like to have a show and tell at one of the stations or close to it as possible. Show off the radios, talk about what you do and then demonstrate the radios with someone on the other end talking as well.

Can anyone be available today around 2 or 3 maybe around the zoo parking lot area and we can figure out where to go before hand but that is a starting point.

Please let me know if you can assist.

Again today, 2 DEC
Around 2 or 3 PM so they can get it on the news hopefully tonight.
Bring handhelds or portable radios to show and talk on so they have to work and have portable power.


On Sat, Nov 23, 2019 at 8:28 AM KH6WG Skawamae Kawamae <skawamae@...> wrote:
Please consider volunteering for the Honolulu Marathon.  It provides an opportunity for Amateur Radio operators to log time for community service. Not only is this great to give to the community, we help the Amateur Radio community log ARES hours which will help to keep our radio spectrum.  Please see Greg's notice attached.  

de KH6WG


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