Grid Madness 2019

KH6WG Skawamae Kawamae

Aloha all,
Attached is the information package for the 2019 Grid Madness Simplex VHF/UHF contest that will be held this Sunday afternoon.  

The EARC has decided to add prizes of custom screened T-shirts for the top three EARC members placing in each of the three operating categories: Handi-talkie (8 watts or less), mobile, and base station.  These will be T-shirts with pockets.  The winner's call sign will be printed on the pocket and the back will feature the Grid Madness logo, the category and place won, and EARC listed as the sponsor.  Not only is this an enjoyable fun event, it educates us on our capabilities to operate simplex.  Simplex operations are an imperative mode of operation.  We cannot and should not rely on the great repeater systems we have.

The contest is great fun by itself, and this year the addition of T-shirt prizes should add to that fun.  We encourage all of you to participate!  


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